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Safe Environments Start With Secure Perimeters

Our Prox & Smartcard RFID Reader solution reads all major credentials, extending access control beyond fixed doors.

Device comes with Apps for Access Control, Event/Meeting Management and Mustering and is available on Apple and Android.

The handheld readers integrate with your enterprise security and physical access control systems, as well as with our web-enabled Command Center, to deliver modern mobile access control, out-of-the box.


We are proud to partner with the following access security companies


The mobss handheld readers verify credentials in any setting


Use our Mobile Readers to Enhance security and track Meeting & Event attendance


Events & Meetings

A leading Insurer uses mobile readers to track attendees at key events, integrating attendance data to staff records.



A large Medical Center verifies, tracks, and reports employees as they enroll for HR benefits at outside quarterly enrollment fairs. Handhelds are used in "airplane" mode using snapshots of the central PACS system data, then synced up when returned to network coverage.


Mobile Security Check

Guards at an energy company use handheld readers to verify contractor & staff IDs and remotely open gates at large industrial sites. Access points are often temporary due to construction and the handheld system saves time and enhances traffic management.



A large University uses bus-mounted readers to verify staff & student IDs, thereby tracking riders and ride lengths throughout its large campus. This provides information on traffic flows, enables departmental bill-backs and improves security.


Compliance Training

A large industrial company uses readers to track daily field training  of employees and contractors.  Attendance and skill levels are tracked and reported, providing automation of compliance requirements and improved safety visibility.



Guard-post security is enhanced by allowing guards to authenticate credentials using wearable readers.  The devices authenticate against a central credential database and allow guards to operate "hands-free" and with greater flexibility.


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Use the Mobss readers and mustering solution to monitor musters in real-time

Muster employees during drills or emergencies using the mobss mustering App.

While our Command Center provides a live view of the muster, showing the status at every zone and muster point, including a real-time updated list of missing cardholders.

Up-to-date evacuation lists can be imported or accessed through an automatic connection to your PACS system.

Later, analyze historical drill and emergency mustering statistics.

The web-enabled Command Center also provide mobile access in the event of HQ/building inaccessibility.




How to Get the Mobss Solution


Option 1:


After purchasing and receiving your handsets, we install your solution the same day.  The software can be deployed on-premise or on-cloud.

Starter pack includes 2 readers, Apps and server software.

Starter Pack - $10,000 USD


Option 2:


Our Hardware-as-a-Service option allows you to lease readers, ready to use, with no upfront cost!  The lease price is fully inclusive of support costs and hot-swaps. 

The server can be deployed on-premise or on-cloud.

USD $150/mo/reader


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